Vespoli, World Class Racing Shells

Vespoli BoatsOur unwavering dedication to excellence has driven us to build the most advanced and complete line of racing shells available. Using aerospace materials and technology, we research and test the effectiveness and efficiency of every part and every design feature of our boats before the model is built.

Designed by Manolo Ruiz de Elvira, the 2003 and 2007 America’s Cup winning Naval Architect, our hulls feature the least wetted surface while increasing roll stability and virtually eliminating the effects of a pitching hull. His advanced hull designs allow rowers to transmit each stroke into pure speed.

Every Vespoli racing shell is built to exacting standards and is subject to a rigorous series of quality checks by our experienced boat builders in New Haven, CT USA. Each boat is engineered to provide superior strength, stiffness and durability guaranteeing that Vespoli boats perform best.

Team Vespoli takes ownership of every detail in the boat building process. We build every hull, rigger and component in our factory to ensure the highest fit and finish of any racing shell. Our control over every aspect of production enables us to stand behind all of our Vespoli racing shells and to provide support and service now and for years to come.

What drives our design, production and service team is our enduring desire to produce superior and affordable racing shells for programs from novice to elite.

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