Gold Medal Boat Prep

What you need to know before hitting the water this Spring

February 19, 2014

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get back on the water! Before you jump back into your boats, take some time and give them a little TLC. Whether your boats have been hibernating for the past few months, or have just been unpacked from a training trip, you want to make sure they are in top shape before starting the spring season. Using this checklist, take the time to go over the details, and be confident that your boats  are ready to row.

FOOTBOARD Check that angles are correct – Check smooth and saw tooth channels for wear – Proper footboard in each seat – Tighten end pulls and check for wear – Shoes in good condition – Heel ties in good condition and tied down – Phenolic plates attached with all 3 nuts   SEATS AND TRACKS – Tracks clean and smooth – Seat wheels clean, no pits or cracks RIGGERS – Hardware accounted for & TIGHTENED – Clean and not corroded – Correct riggers for boat [double check the codes]

– Gates working, no missing lock gate nuts
– Check the number of height washers
– Top bolts secure

– Bow Ball secured properly
– Deep scratches & gouges repaired
– Fin is caulked and secure
– Rudder moves freely, not rubbing
– No chips in the bow or stern
Salt-X for teams in salt or brackish water
– Soap and water to clean your hull
– Wipe down tracks and wheels after traveling  [due to grit and road salt/sand on the roads]
– AJAX or Bon Ami to clean Wet-Sanded hulls