Ltwt scullers comment on M29 2x

Sculler 1:  I loved it. I’m not concerned with practicality. There are enough lightweights in the club that we’ll be fighting over it at every regatta. Which is why two is better than one.

Sculler 2: Loved it.  Felt very comfortable – fit me much better than the Van Duseys, esp. the position of the foot board.

Sculler 3:  I like the double: it felt light (not heavy) and comfortable, and was easy to row. It felt a bit more unstable in rough water (rowing through the launch’s wake) than I think the Evans or the Berkson, but part of the reason could be that ….are probably just a bit too heavy for the boat. It felt fast, though I had a similar impression of the Vespoli single, and the Schofer turned out to be faster even though it felt slower.  I should add that my foot stretcher was a bit too much in the stern, so I was a bit cramped at the finish; both ….thought that putting more spacers underneath would have helped, too, but we did not want to change them on the water.

Sculler 4:   Yes, I agree, it felt fast. We really did get bounced around on the rough water, but it feels otherwise easy to set. Yes, it would be nice to have a longer row on nice water to really try it out. 

Sculler 5:  Well, it wasn’t very good water, so we felt like we got bounced around a bit more than usual, but it seemed fast!  We did take it south after the pieces to see what it was like on the flat water (which we didn’t row on for the pieces), and my impression with the Vespoli boats (single as well) is that I have an easier time tapping clear of the water.  Not sure why, maybe it’s just a higher rigger?  In any case, we liked it.  It would be good if people got to row it on less windy days too.

Sculler 6: I thought the vespoli fits 115 to 135-140 best. (I know the range was stated as greater….but it is a snug fit both in terms of dimension and how low it sits in the water at the upper end of weight range. However, for someone like me at 5’6″ and ## it is perfect. Love the run and the agility. It is sensitive…meaning it can be maneuvered easily, but it also seems to get pushed around by current and water conditions more that the Van Dusen. The wings are a pain in the neck to take off and put on.  If it were my choice I would purchase this boat for the club because we need boats that are designed for the fly weights specifically….and are not flexible enough for the lightweights to medium weights. I believe if we get a 2x with a greater weight range…we will have the same problem we have now….boats that can and will be used by all….leaving no boats for flyweights. Size does matter!

Sculler 6:  I love the vespoli 2x.  The boat moved fast ; fantastic for lightweights who don’t need to pull so much boat.

Sculler 7:  I like the appearance of the Vespolis.  They have a modern and professional looking finish.  I liked the feel of the Vespoli 2x particularly regarding the geometry.  It was easy to set and my feet felt a little deeper in the foot well compared to a Van dusen which made compression easier.  That said, I think that the boat was a little too small for ….    Our average weight is probably only 145 or so but we seemed to set the boat deeper in the water than I would expect.  

Sculler 8:  Great light feeling to rowing it.   However, the moving of the rigger could be an issue for the taller rower who wants to row it because moving the rigger is cumbersome.