Repairs & Service

Vespoli offers full lifecycle support for your boat from the moment you buy it. Regatta service, factory-based repair, or factory-based refurbishment — we have you covered.

Repairs & Refurbishments

Whether it’s a damaged hull or a bent rigger, accidents happen. Get back on the water as quickly and efficiently as possible when you have the people who built your boat repair it. Once it comes back to our factory, all of the tools and technology that went into building your boat are used to repair it. We work with insurers to provide repair quotes, manage the approvals process, and conduct inspections. We handle everything from start to finish so you can stay focused on coaching and running your club.

After years of dutiful service, even the best-built boats can get tired. Vespoli provides a range of refurbishment services, including re-paints, shoes, foot stretchers, tracks, and riggers. Reconditioning a boat can add years to its service life, offering an economical way to keep your fleet looking its best. Get in touch to discuss how we can help extend the life of your boats.


Regatta Service
We attend more regattas than any other boat builder. Our regional representatives are on hand at all the major races to assist with parts, emergency repairs, demo boats, and advice. No other boat builder can get you back on the water as fast as we can. When you buy a boat from Vespoli, you buy a commitment from us to you.

For Regatta service, factory-based repairs and refurbishments