The VHP8 brings together 35 years of unique practical knowledge and hull design with the latest computational fluid dynamics tools. Our latest hull features a long waterline, reduced wetted surface, and carefully designed lift between strokes. We’ve tested the VHP8 using the latest dynamic computational flow modeling, and we’ve tested it on the water. The result is clear: Vespoli’s design holds speed between strokes better than any other boat we’ve tested. Better never stops.


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Advanced composite construction is at the heart of each VHP, and every hull is engineered for stiffness and resilience. We’ve worked with the best material suppliers in the world to create a boat fit for purpose and longevity. Vespoli hulls have always been known for their strength — now they’re built to last even better.

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With distinctly visible adjustments of footstretcher height, angle, and position, footplates and stretcher position can easily be changed without using additional tools. Athletes can see their settings and easily replicate them across different boats.

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The Vespoli VHP variable shoe system has an adjustable heel and crossover strapping for fast turnaround times, ideal in a busy boathouse with more than one crew using a boat.

Vespoli VHP shoes are designed to maximise force production. Working closely with a world-class team of biomechanists and athletic foot specialists, we’ve crafted comfortable and fully customizable shoes with:

  • wide-fitting toe box

  • snug wraparound tongue

  • arch support straps

  • generous achilles cut-out

  • open collar

Additional features include numerous drain holes, quick-drying mesh, and ventilated heel cups. Powerwedges on the toe and heel improve gluteal control and stability in the boat.

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Vespoli’s lightweight riggers are manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum and a drag-minimizing aerofoil shape. Our hardcoat anodized finish looks good, and acts tough for years of trouble-free service. Rowing riggers are swept down and across the hull, maximizing free space for the oar handle. Sculling riggers are available both stern and

Supplied with stainless steel pins and snap-on washers, height is easily adjustable, even on the water. Our new reversible backstays eliminate the need for dedicated port and starboard side backstays.

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