Nut, Bolt, Washer - To Fix Footstretcher Channel
Nut, Bolt, Washer - suitable for fixing nylon footstretcher channel to deck.
0.85 0.85 USD
Retainer Strip
Retainer Strip - Used under the seat deck when mounting notched or saw toothed footstretcher channel.
3.91 3.91 USD
Quick Release Footstretcher Bolt Complete
Quick Release Footstretcher Bolt - complete (quick release cam handle & footstretcher bolt)
6.63 6.63 USD
Quick Release Footstretcher Cam Handle
Quick Release Cam Handle - use with quick release footstretcher bolt to fix footstretcher to footstretcher channel.
5.61 5.61 USD
Lockwasher - Riggers & Foot Stretchers
Lockwasher - 1/4" suitable for riggers and footstretchers.
0.58 0.58 USD
Pivot Bolt, Washer, & Locknut for Carbon Shoe Steering Plate
Pivot bolt, nylon washer, stainless steel washer, 2 teflon washers, stainless steel lock nut
8.93 8.93 USD
Pivot Bolt, Washer, & Locknut
Pivot Bolt - Suitable for steering shoe. Nut and washer supplied.
7.91 7.91 USD
Foot Stretcher Bolt
Footstretcher bolt - suitable for QUICK RELEASE CAM. Bolt or FS06.01 Wing Nut. Cam supplied separately.
4.85 4.85 USD
Stretcher Bolt, Lock Washer & Wing Nut
Stretcher Bolt, Lock Washer & Wing Nut - suitable for fixing footstretcher to footstretcher channel.
6.12 6.12 USD
Keel Clip
Keel clip - Stainless steel keel clip for footstretcher. Nuts and bolts sold separately.
17.50 17.5 USD
Nylon End Plug - Sawtooth Channel
Nylon end plug for footstretcher tube. Suitable for sawtooth channel only.
5.36 5.36 USD