Cable Retaining Screw
Cable retaining screw for steering shoe. Holds steering cable in steering shoe pointer. SUPERSEDED by 'Barrel Nut - Steering Shoe'
4.63 4.63 USD
Backing Plate - VHP Steering System
Backing plate for VHP steering shoe. Fix to back of footstretcher using glue.
7.14 7.14 USD
Pivot Bolt, Washer, & Locknut
Pivot Bolt - Suitable for steering shoe. Nut and washer supplied.
7.91 7.91 USD
Steering Lockout Bolt & Wingnut
Pivot bolt, nylon washer, stainless steel washer, 2 teflon washers, stainless steel lock nut
8.93 8.93 USD
Barrel Nut - Steering shoe
Barrel nut and cable retaining screw - suitable for steering shoe mechanism. Fixes steering cable to steering shoe. Use hex key and wrench to tighten.
9.44 9.44 USD
Steering Shoeplate
Carbon steering shoeplate. See assembly instructions in additional images.
107.10 107.1 USD