Keyfloat & Coxwain Wrench Combo
Wrench sizes 7/16", 5/8" and 3/4" attached to a cushy yellow float.
15.50 15.5 USD
Wing Rigger Riser Kit
Wing Rigger Riser Kit - Pre-drilled plastic 3/8" thick blocks and stainless steel mounting hardware. Holes at 5" centers.
15.61 15.61 USD
Quick Release Rigger Push Pin
Push Pin for mounting Quick Release Wing Rigger to Mounting Channel
3.72 3.72 USD
Quick Release Backing Plate
Mounts under flange of all Quick Release Wing Riggers and comes with mounting bolts and nuts. Anodized Aluminum
9.36 9.36 USD
Wing Rigger Bag-Sculling
Cordura Nylon wing rigger bag with padded interior, Select boat type. Holds either 1 rigger (1X) or 2 riggers (2X)
219.00 219.0 USD
Wing Rigger Bag-Sweep
Cordura Nylon wing rigger bag with padded interior and divider, holds 4 riggers and backstays.
199.00 199.0 USD
Non Skid Tape Strip For Rowing Seats
Non skid tape strip for rowing seats - White non skid strip with adhesive backing
3.32 3.32 USD
Super Bearing Wheel
Roller Bearing Wheel - Suitable for use on all Vespoli Super bearing undercarriages. Plastic wheel with stainless steel bearing.
12.50 12.5 USD
Super Bearing Axle
Anodized aluminum axles for use with roller bearing carriages. Select track width center to center, or wheel centers.
7.49 7.49 USD
Super Bearing Undercarriage
Super Bearing Undercarriage - Select track width. Mounting screws not included.
51.50 51.5 USD
Rigger Bolt Washer
0.40 0.4 USD
Rigger Nut
0.82 0.82 USD
Pontoon Set Complete
Pontoon Set - "Training Wheels" for racing shells.
260.10 260.1 USD
Wiring Plug-2 Hole
Rubber plug for wiring - 2 cord access.
3.00 3.0 USD
Wiring Plug-1 Hole
Rubber plug for wiring - single cord access.
3.00 3.0 USD
Wiring Plug - 0 Hole
Rubber plug - Suitable for sealing wiring grommet. This is a blank end plug with NO wiring holes.
3.00 3.0 USD
Bulkhead Wiring Grommet
Grommet - Bulkhead grommet for wiring access.
3.57 3.57 USD
Foot Well Protector Pad
Foot Well Protector Pad - 8" Square Adhesive backed Pad to Protect Foot Well From Wear
2.87 2.87 USD
Spray Paint - 12.0 oz (340g)
Include color information in the additional information during checkout process.
14.00 14.0 USD
Rubber Strips For Trailer - Set Of 3
Set of 3 replacement rubber strips for trailer arms. Individual rubber strips are 8ft. in length. Includes 14 self-tapping screws and washers per strip. 2 Weeks Delivery Time
161.26 161.26 USD