Lock Nuts For Threaded Pitch Adjuster
Lock Nuts used in conjunction with Threaded Pitch Adjuster. These items are handed; 1 left handed & 1 right handed. Made from anodized aluminum.
4.03 4.03 USD
Threaded Pitch Adjuster
Threaded Adjuster for backstays. Used to adjust backstay length. Requires Long Tube, Short Tube, and Lock nuts for complete backstay unit.
16.91 16.91 USD
Lateral Pitch Shim, Includes Flat Washer
Lateral Pitch Shim - 1 Degree pitch shim to adjust LATERAL pitch. Includes stainless steel flat washer.
8.32 8.32 USD
Rigging Height Stick
Rigging Height Stick - suitable for both sweep and sculling height measurements. Folds flat, made from aluminum.
70.75 70.75 USD
Lockwasher - Riggers & Foot Stretchers
Lockwasher - 1/4" suitable for riggers and footstretchers.
0.58 0.58 USD
Bottom Nut - Sculling Pin
1.15 1.15 USD
Flatwasher - Bottom Nut Sculling
Flatwasher suitable for sculling pin. Used in conjunction with Bottom Nut - Sculling to fix pin to rigger
0.32 0.32 USD
Oarlock Bushings - Sculling
Oarlock Bushings - Suitable for all 7/16" sculling pins. Bushings for 2 oarlocks.
12.00 12.0 USD
Sculling Oarlocks (Pair) with Bushings
Sculling Oarlock - Suitable for Vespoli 7/16" sculling pin. Supplied complete with bushings. This item is supplied as a pair of two oarlocks. We recommend replacing both sculling oarlocks to provide best oarlock performance.
35.16 35.16 USD
Height Washer - Sculling Pin
Height washer for SCULLING oarlock height adjustment.
0.85 0.85 USD
Sculling Top Bolt & Washers
Top Bolt to fit backbrace to sculling pin. Flat washer and spring washer supplied.
1.05 1.05 USD
Sculling Pin - Complete Assembly
Sculling Pin - Suitable for ALL Vespoli sculling boats; 4X, 2X, 1X. Includes stainless steel pin, CII oarlock, snap-on height washers, stainless steel top bolt, lock washer, flat washers, and nylock nut.
46.82 46.82 USD
Bottom Nut - Rowing Pin
0.95 0.95 USD
Flatwasher - For Bottom Nut, Euro Sweep & Wing Sweep
Flatwasher suitable for rowing pin. Used in conjunction with Bottom Nut, Euro Sweep & Wing Sweep riggers
0.95 0.95 USD
Rowing Pin - Euro & Wing
24.92 24.92 USD
Sculling Pin - Euro & Wing
Fits Euro and Wing riggers
23.00 23.0 USD