Fin - VHP 4-/4X Snap-In
Fin (carbon) for VHP series 4-/4X. Suitable for VHP 39, VHP 41.
54.00 54.0 USD
Flag & Steering Pulley Bracket
Bracket used for attaching travel flag to hull & Steering Pulley (M07). .
Stainless Steel.
Fasteners not included
2.89 2.89 USD
Flatwasher - Bottom Nut Sculling
Flatwasher suitable for sculling pin. Used in conjunction with Bottom Nut - Sculling to fix pin to rigger
0.32 0.32 USD
Flatwasher - For Bottom Nut, Euro Sweep & Wing Sweep
Flatwasher suitable for rowing pin. Used in conjunction with Bottom Nut, Euro Sweep & Wing Sweep riggers
0.95 0.95 USD
Floatation Suit
Floatation Suit - Airex buoyant foam lining with waterproof polyamide outer shell. Shipped within 3-5 days directly from Regatta Northwest, Seattle, WA.
290.27 290.27 USD
Foam Cradle For Trailering And Storage
The cradle protects the decks and is ideal for small boat storage and travel. One size fits all.
7.49 7.49 USD
Foot Stretcher Bolt
Footstretcher bolt - suitable for QUICK RELEASE CAM. Bolt or FS06.01 Wing Nut. Cam supplied separately.
4.85 4.85 USD
Foot Well Molding 72" Length
Foot Well Molding, Black (no adhesive supplied by Vespoli USA Inc)
Standard Length 72"
8.99 8.99 USD
Foot Well Protector Pad
Foot Well Protector Pad - 8" Square Adhesive backed Pad to Protect Foot Well From Wear
2.87 2.87 USD
Fs10.21 Cable Bracket For Coxless Boat
FS10.21 Cable Bracket for Coxless Boats - - NO LONGER IN USE

Mounts to side of hull and holds cable housing
Used with all coxless fours and pairs.
Specify Port and/or Starboard in comments at checkout.
Order Mounting hardware separately
14.50 14.5 USD
Gunwale Plug For Fisa Flotation
Gunwhale Plug - Black plastic, press fit plug. Sold as a pair.
1.99 1.99 USD
Hatch Cover - Black
Hatch Cover - Black
13.79 13.79 USD
Hatch Cover - Black M27/M27XL
Snap-in hatch cover for M27 & M27XL Single Scull
1.50 1.5 USD
Hatch Cover - White
White hatch cover with safety string. 4" screw on lid. Fitting hardware sold separately.
13.79 13.79 USD
Head Rest For Bow Coxed 4+
Head Rest - Suitable for bow coxed four (4+), foam padded, anodized aluminum, includes clamp and fasteners
40.58 40.58 USD
Head Rest Tube For Bow Coxed 4+
Head Rest Support Tube - Suitable for Bow Coxed four (4+), select boat type. Made from anodized aluminum
35.29 35.29 USD
Headsweats Visor
Made with lightweight and quick-drying Eventure™ knit fabric and an Eventure terry sweatband to promote airflow and moisture transfer.
22.33 22.33 USD
Height Washer - Rowing
Height washer for ROWING oarlock height adjustment. 1/8" Thickness
0.81 0.81 USD
Height Washer - Sculling Pin
Height washer for SCULLING oarlock height adjustment.
0.85 0.85 USD
Hinged Hatch Cover, Black
M08B Hinged seat deck hatch. Black with "snap nut" fasteners.
Stop losing your top! Integral hinge, high strengh nylon
Keep lid latched while rowing and when traveling.
9.75 9.75 USD