Super Bearing Undercarriage
Super Bearing Undercarriage - Select track width. Mounting screws not included.
51.50 51.5 USD
Carbon Seat Top - Single Scull
Carbon seat tops - Fits single sculls. Select track width (measured from center of wheel to center of wheel, or center of track to center of track).
Matrix 24 - 6.5"
Matrix 26, 27, 27XL - 9"
Pre-1999 Singles use mainly 6.5" Measure to confirm.
92.60 92.6 USD
Carbon Seat Top
Carbon seat top - Fits all Eights, Fours, Quads, Pairs, Doubles. Select track width (measured from center of wheel to center of wheel, or center of track to center of track). Order 9" for Matrix 29 or DS Four/Quad
91.56 91.56 USD
Complete Seat - Pre-VHP All Boat Types
Complete seat - Measure track width or existing seat to determine size. 34" tracks are the minimum length required for single action seats.
170.63 170.63 USD
Rowing Pin - Complete Assembly
Rowing Pin - Suitable for ALL sweep rowing boats; 8+, 4+, 4-, 2-. Includes stainless steel pin, CII oarlock, snap-on height washers, stainless steel top bolt, lock washer, flat washers, and nylock nut.
59.95 59.95 USD
1 Hole Rigger Plate for Euro Riggers
1 Hole Rigger Plate for Euro Riggers. Supplied with mounting screw.
1.56 1.56 USD
Rigger Plate - 2 Hole Starboard Side
Rigger Plate - 2 Hole. Starboard side ONLY. Supplied with mounting screw.
1.98 1.98 USD
Rigger Bolt - Single stud Euro Sculling or Sweep Tandem
Single stud rigger bolt suitable for euro side mounted 4X, 2X, and tandem rigged sweep boats with CARBON CHANNEL ribs only.
4.11 4.11 USD
Two Stud Rigger Bolt
2 Stud rigger bolt suitable for Carbon Channel Boats
6.19 6.19 USD
One Stud Rigger Bolt
4.03 4.03 USD
Rigger Bolt Washer
0.40 0.4 USD
Rigger Nut
0.82 0.82 USD
Oarlock Bushings - Rowing
Oarlock Bushings - suitable for 9/16" Vespoli rowing pin. Bushings for 2 oarlocks.
12.48 12.48 USD
Rowing Oarlock with Bushings
Rowing Oarlock for 9/16" rowing pin. Supplied complete with bushings.
17.95 17.95 USD
Snap-On Height Washers - Sculling
Snap on spacers for use with SCULLING pin. Allows easy, on the water adjustment of oarlock height.
0.95 0.95 USD
Top Bolt Lockwasher
Top Bolt Lockwasher - suitable for use with rowing pin.
0.70 0.7 USD
Top Bolt Flatwasher
Top Bolt Flatwasher - Suitable for use with 9/16" sweep rowing pin
0.61 0.61 USD
Lock Nuts For Threaded Pitch Adjuster
Lock Nuts used in conjunction with Threaded Pitch Adjuster. These items are handed; 1 left handed & 1 right handed. Made from anodized aluminum.
4.03 4.03 USD
Threaded Pitch Adjuster
Threaded Adjuster for backstays. Used to adjust backstay length. Requires Long Tube, Short Tube, and Lock nuts for complete backstay unit.
16.91 16.91 USD
Pontoon Set Complete
Pontoon Set - "Training Wheels" for racing shells.
260.10 260.1 USD