Lateral Pitch Shim, Includes Flat Washer
Lateral Pitch Shim - 1 Degree pitch shim to adjust LATERAL pitch. Includes stainless steel flat washer.
8.32 8.32 USD
Quick Release Footstretcher Bolt Complete
Quick Release Footstretcher Bolt - complete (quick release cam handle & footstretcher bolt)
6.63 6.63 USD
Stretcher Bolt, Lock Washer & Wing Nut
Stretcher Bolt, Lock Washer & Wing Nut - suitable for fixing footstretcher to footstretcher channel.
6.12 6.12 USD
Quick Release Footstretcher Cam Handle
Quick Release Cam Handle - use with quick release footstretcher bolt to fix footstretcher to footstretcher channel.
5.61 5.61 USD
Vespoli Keyfloat
Cushy yellow keyfloat with black Vespoli logo. Attach to Cox'n wrench or keys.
5.00 5.0 USD
Top Bolt - Sweep Rowing
Top Bolt - Suitable for 9/16" sweep rowing pins
4.95 4.95 USD
Foot Stretcher Bolt
Footstretcher bolt - suitable for QUICK RELEASE CAM. Bolt or FS06.01 Wing Nut. Cam supplied separately.
4.85 4.85 USD
Wing Nut - Footstretcher Bolt
Wing Nut - suitable for footstretcher bolt.
4.59 4.59 USD
Wing Rigger Mounting Bolt
Wing Rigger Mounting Bolts for attaching Wing Rigger to Gunwhale. Select correct size.
3.19 3.19 USD
Thumb Screw
Thumb Screw - holds footplate to footstretcher.
3.07 3.07 USD
Nut, Bolt, Washer For M08 Hatch Cover
Nut, Bolt, Washer - suitable for M08 hatch cover. 6 bolts required for each hatch cover unit.
3.06 3.06 USD
Quick Release Yellow Thumb Screw 1.25"
Thumb Screw - used to to mount outboard wing rigger bracket and backstay. 1.25" long
1.95 1.95 USD
Bolt, Washer, Wing Nut For Mounting Shoe Plate
Bolt, Washer, Wingnut - Bolt is screwed through footboard to fix shoe plate. Wing nut and washer hold shoe plate to foot board.
1.90 1.9 USD
Quick Release Black Thumb Screw 1"
Thumb Screw - used to to mount wing rigger bracket. 1" long
1.85 1.85 USD
Bolt And Lock Washer For Roller Bearing Wheels
Bolt & Lock Washer for roller bearing wheels.
1.14 1.14 USD
Nut, Bolt, Washer - To Fix Footstretcher Channel
Nut, Bolt, Washer - suitable for fixing nylon footstretcher channel to deck.
0.85 0.85 USD
Rigger Nut
0.82 0.82 USD
Screw, Lockwasher, Flatwasher - For Mounting Shoes to Power Wedge Shoeplates
M5 Panhead screw, Lockwasher - Suitable for Mountinig Shoes to VHP Power Wedge
0.79 0.79 USD
Top Bolt Lockwasher
Top Bolt Lockwasher - suitable for use with rowing pin.
0.70 0.7 USD