Used Boats

Previously loved high-performance hulls.

Vespoli’s Certified Pre-Owned Boats go through a rigorous 6-point checklist and are fully covered by our 1-year warranty.  With new custom paint and an array of brand-new parts, it’s the next-best thing to rowing a boat fresh from the factory.

New custom paint & decals

Comprehensive hull repair

Shell weight recording

A 1-Year Warranty

Flex Test

New parts

(tracks, wheels, shoes, backstays, oarlocks, NK wiring, speakers)

Part repair/replacement 

(bow ball, number clip, fin, rudder, steering, rigger mounting)

Used boat list available for download below. Used boats available with Level 1-3 pricing.

Level 1“As Is”
Level 2Buffed Hull, New Wheels, Tracks, Shoes, Backstay Long Tubes, Oarlocks, 90 day Warranty
Level 3Level 2 plus hull repaint, re-clear interior as needed, 1 year warranty

Please contact VESPOLI USA or your regional rep for additional information on any of the boats on this list. If you are looking for a certain size hull or price range and don’t find it here, please call. This list changes often and may not be up to date.

Click here for list of VESPOLI “DEMO” boats available for sale, rent, demo