Used Boats

Previously loved high-performance, handcrafted hulls.

Vespoli’s Certified Pre-Owned Boats go through a rigorous 6-point checklist and are fully covered by our 1-year warranty.  With new custom paint and an array of brand-new parts, it’s the next-best thing to rowing a boat fresh from the factory.

New custom paint & decals

Comprehensive hull repair

Shell weight recording

A 1-Year Warranty

Flex Test

New parts

(tracks, wheels, shoes, backstays, oarlocks, NK wiring, speakers)

Part repair/replacement 

(bow ball, number clip, fin, rudder, steering, rigger mounting)

Vespoli Certified Pre-Owned Boats

All photos are taken before going through our 6-point check list. List is subject to change.
Hull Avg Crew Wt.
ModelYearColorPriceSerial #Gallery
ADV4+, Stern Cox150-190ULII2012White$10,900
DS4+, Stern Cox135-170ULII2012White$10,900
DS4+, Stern Cox135-170ULII2012White$10,900VUAIA049B212
M33, 2-x185-220Matrix2008White$6,900VUARE372L808

Vespoli Used Boats

All photos are taken before meeting our repair/refurbishment process. List is subject to change.
SizeModelYearColorPriceSerial #Gallery
Midwt 8Empacher2011Yellow$18,900
Midwt 8Empacher2015Yellow$28,900
Large - 8 Filippi2010White$14,900H2EB086
Large - 8Filippi2015White$26,900F41
Midwt 8Hudson2009Maroon$9,900
Hvywt - 8Hudson2013Maroon$19,900-
Large 8King2013Silver$13,900
Midwt - 8Pocock2015White$25,900-
Hvywt - 8Resolute2004Black$4,900 or B.O.-
Large - 8Resolute2004Black$4,900 or B.O.-
Midwt 8Resolute2006Black$5,000 or B.O.
Midwt 8Resolute2006Black$4,900 or B.O.
Midwt - 8Resolute2007Grey$11,500-
Midwt - 8Resolute2012Black$22,900-
Ltwt - 8Resolute2015---
EL 8VESPOLI, V12013Maroon$19,900
EL 8VESPOLI, V12008Maroon$9,500
EM 8 PlusVESPOLI, V12012Blue$19,900
EM 8VESPOLI, M22007White$6,900
EM 8VESPOLI, V12006Maroon$7,000
Hvywt 4+Hudson2012Red$10,500
DS4+VESPOLI, M22003Black$2,000
DL4+VESPOLI, 2004White$1,900
EM 8VESPOLI, M22006White$5,900
EM4+VESPOLI, 2007White$3,500
ES4+VESPOLI, V12011Maroon$11,900VUAVG079C011
ES4+VESPOLI, V12016Red$18,900VK11E616