Demo a Boat

Try Before You Buy

When you go to buy a car you usually take it for a test drive. Why should it be different for a rowing shell?

We want you to take our boats for a test drive. We’re so convinced that once a crew rows in one of our VHP boats and feels how fast and light they are through the water, there will be no turning back. When it’s time to buy, you’ll have a good idea what you will be buying and you can seal the deal with confidence.

Interested in taking one of our demo boats out on the water?

Contact your regional sales representative to see what boats are available.

Demo Boats for Sale

The Demo Fleet is constantly be “re-freshed”. Former demo boats, some less than 1 year old to three years of age, are sold at significant discounts. These are typically gently used boats that have been taken for test drives and well-cared for by coaches. These boats have also undergone a full Vespoli service check to make sure they are in the best condition possible and come with remainder of five year warranty.