VHP Series

Our newest and most advanced hull to date – fast, stable, and comfortable.

The Vespoli team has always prided itself on its commitment to hull design. The VHP series is the latest demonstration in our pursuit of perfection.

Hull design is a blend of science and art: the science of naval architecture informed by the latest predictive modelling techniques, and the art of building based on years of experience and feedback from world-class coaches. Add to that the latest developments in materials science and composite construction and you have all the ingredients for a uniquely optimized boat.

The VHP series doesn’t just optimize hull and wave drag. It actively lifts higher out of the water during the recovery cycle, further reducing its contact area in the water. Science pointed us in the right direction; years of experience allowed us to translate our findings into a hull rowers love.

Speed requires more than a fast hull — it requires a hull athletes can row fast. The best rowers attest to having a comfortable hull that allows them to work hard and translate their effort into speed.

The VHP series unites boat and athlete.

Putting High Technology to the Test

Stroke Cycle

Proven Innovation

Designed to be Fast

Using the latest in computational fluid dynamics and data collection techniques, Vespoli’s naval architects analyzed the pitch, speed, and wetted surface of the VHP hulls throughout the entirety of the stroke cycle. With this data they were able to calculate not only the viscous and pressure drags on the hull, but also how those two forces are interrelated, and how best to optimize the hull to exploit that relationship.  The end result was long waterline hulls that generate dynamic lift to reduce the wetted surface, allowing faster acceleration during the drive and more run during recovery.

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