A High Level of Expectations

Your athletes have worked hard; did the bench pulls, the erg tests, the seat racing. Now it’s time to get them to the finish line in the fastest boat possible.

At Vespoli, we know that boat selection goes beyond choosing the athletes to fill seats in a boat. The brand of boat you choose is equally as important to the success of your program. Crews perform better when they know that the boat they are rowing in will rise to the challenge and give them the fastest ride to the finish line.

“The VHP has really hit the market on the run. The hull is just really solid; it’s fairly easy to row and has produced good performances for us.”

Steve Hargis, Head Coach, USRowing Junior National Team

There’s a reason why coaches have turned to Vespoli for the past three decades for their boats. Since we first built our D-hull boats, we knew we were onto something when crews started turning in winning performances at the World Championships and Olympics.

Through our computational research and on-the-water testing, we can now measure where there is more resistance against the hull and see where and how the resistance changes with each stroke. What makes Vespoli’s VHP series of boats unique is that as the boat goes faster, resistance does not increase as much as it does on competitor’s boats. That translates into a third of a length, or 20 feet over a race course. That’s a difference that speaks volumes, especially in races where hundreds of a second often separate first from third place finishes.

Boat Buying Guide

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you to define your program goals and needs so we can steer you in the right direction and recommend the best boat to fit your needs.

Ready to Start?

If you have a good idea what you are looking for, give our regional sales representative a call or complete and submit our contact form to start the process of buying your next boat. Our offices are open M-F from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

Durability and Speed:
The Perfect Combination for Training and Racing

We know that many rowing programs have to accommodate a wide range of rowers.

As former coaches, rowers and riggers ourselves, we understand the challenges of team coaching and running a boathouse. Our skills have evolved alongside the needs of our customers year after year, and we are dedicated to providing expertly crafted, affordable boats to rowers of all calibers in the U.S. and abroad.

Vespoli boats have earned a reputation for both durability and speed.

Vespoli will work closely with you to find the boat that’s the best value for your program. We offer:

  • New Boats: VHP Series
  • Certified Pre-Owned Boats
  • Used Boats
  • Attractive Financing Programs
  • Exceptional Service and Support
  • Online Parts & Equipment Retail Store

Check Out Our Newest Line-up of  VHP Boats:

Certified Pre-Owned: The Next Best Thing to a New Boat

This is a popular and affordable option for rowing programs, especially when budgets are tight. Every pre-owned boat passes a six-point checklist before qualifying as a Vespoli Certified Pre-Owned boat and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Used Boats for Sale

We have a wide selection of used boats for sale listed on our website, which may also be a good option for your program.

Paying for Your Boat

Vespoli offers several programs to help finance your boat purchase: