Carbon Rigger Upgrade SPECIAL!

The NEW VHP Bow Mount Carbon Sculling rigger made its debut at 2021 USRowing Summer Nationals! It is now available on all VHP Singles. This rigger is stiffer and 25% lighter than the aluminum alloy rigger. It also features titanium pins and hardware. The pin is independently adjustable for spread and lateral pitch. Snap on height washers and a taller pin make it simple to customize oarlock heights for any rower. This rigger can also be retro-fitted to any existing VHP Single.

The Carbon Wing upgrade for new VHP Singles is only $1,200 and includes a padded rigger bag.

Our Carbon Sweep Wing Rigger chocked up recent wins in the Women’s Eight at USRowing Youth Nationals and Open Men’s Eight at USRowing Summer Nationals. The Carbon Sweep Rigger Upgrade is currently $695 per seat. The upgrade includes carbon backstay, rigger “sock”, and rigger bags.