Get Your Trailer Ready to Roll!

Each time you load up your team and hit the highway, you are likely moving well over $500k worth of equipment, not to mention the driver & passengers! Its imperative that your tow vehicle and trailer are in tip top condition. In this blog, we’ll be looking specifically at annual trailer maintenance.

Before you put your trailer away for the winter or before your first trip of the year, you should have the trailer brakes checked out and the bearings re-packed by a pro. In addition, you should also inspect the following and repair as needed:

  • Operation of all the lights [running, turn, brake, hazards]
  • Operation of the emergency “break away” braking system
  • Condition, inflation, and age of all the tires [including spare]
  • Test and lubricate the jack stand
  • Condition of trailer bed and all fasteners
  • Condition of rubber padding

For more on trailer maintenance and safety, read this previously posted blog.