Vespoli Designers Compete in America’s Cup

Vespoli USA’s naval architect and their structural engineer are on opposite teams for the 2010 America’s Cup races going on now in Valencia, Spain. Manolo Ruiz Elvira, designer of the Vespoli E hull is part of the BMW Oracle team and Dirk Kramers is the lead structural engineer for Alinghi and creator of our Rhino skin. Vespoli’s relationship with these two experts began in 2003 and together we have created the revolutionary E hull with Rhino skin. Elvira and Kramers worked together as part of Alinghi to win the two last cups. After Alinghi’s second consecutive victory in 2007, Elvira left to work for Oracle, the USA challenger. From the early racing it appears that Oracle has a clear design advantage over Alinghi and will likely win the best 2 out of 3 races tomorrow and become the America’s cup champion. Vespoi’s access to the best minds in hull design and structural design is unique in the rowing world. It is through our alliance with these experts that we are able to build the fastest, toughest and most comfortable rowing shells in the world. Row the Rhino!